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Here we go, yet again, with another blog. Maybe I'm just cursed to constantly create blogs that go nowhere and ultimately serve to embarrass me, but hey, it's fun. This one should be a little more successful, or at least I will enjoy it more as I am moving behind the camera where I am exponentially more comfortable.

Subway Chic is the blog celebrating the diverse fashion that we see on the subway. As a very recent transplant to New York City from Indiana (only a week ago!), I never cease to be amazed at the amazing fashion sense of subway riders that seems to have gone untapped by those mighty bloggers above the ground. After all, why brave the crapped spaces and ungodly heat when fashion companies pay for your car services? But I digress. The main reason that I love recording the fashion on the great underground trains is because it is attainable for someone like me with a limited income. The fashionistas, trendsetters, tastemakers, and others that share the car know what it's like to have to choose between something frivolous (but fun) or their next unlimited monthly MTA pass ($104!). These first photos are from the last week, taken covertly (but probably not so much). Here soon, I hope to get the courage to actually ask people if I may take their pictures. We'll see. These are all taken with my iPhone, by the way. It's much easier to be sneaky and pretend not so convincingly that I'm texting that way.


There was an impromptu performance by a couple of amateur singers on the 6 Train at Grand Central Station. They were actually very good and my first very cool subway experience.

A playful moment between mother and child on the F Train. I couldn't help but to notice how beautiful she is in a very natural sort of way. Just the way a mother should look.

Apparently, the weekends hate Brooklyn (or at least my part of it) and anytime I wanted to get to or from Manhattan, I had to take a shuttle between Jay Street and 18 Ave. I did discover a seriously cool mosaic at the Jay Street-Metro Tech station. Kudos NYC subway system people.

iPhones have this incredible way of catching light that digital cameras (or at least my little one) can't seem to do. I liked this view of the last of the evening light on my ride home.
I also immediately noticed this lady and her spectacular straw hat. I like how properly she was sitting, with her ankles crossed and her visor shading her eyes as she read.

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