Saturday Q Train Adventure

On Saturday, I went adventuring on the Q train. I like the Q. Most of the stations in Brooklyn are sort of outdoors with plants growing down the sides of the walls. It's kind of nice to see the green. There are also a lot of interesting people on the Q, since it goes to places like Times Square.
This is the Q station at Cortelyou Road. You can't tell in this picture, but the girl in the striped sweater had on a pair of shoes that I was ready to steal right off of her feet.
Anyway, first I stopped at Bryant Park (I went to Times Square last weekend) and meandered around wondering if I would see anyone famous...I didn't. But I did like the park. They have a carousel that made me wish for childhood.
From there I wandered over to Central Park and explored until my feet screamed for mercy. I stopped off at a bench to rest and made friends with a rat that was very curious about my sweet and salty snack bar. I kept trying to get his picture, but he was very wary of me and ran into the underbrush every time I tried to aim my camera (phone). It didn't help either that some ladies scared him off for a good ten minutes.
See him? There in the center. Yeah, me neither. I should also point out my extremely poor judgement in wearing heels for such a grand expedition. 
I ended up walking from the southern corner of the park, by the Central Park Zoo, all the way over to the Museum of Natural History. Now there's a stellar subway station.
This station had some really neat tile work.
There's a bongo player at the edge of the Earth. Ah ha ha.
There were some seriously retro digs on the C train. I like the wood paneling. It reminds me of my mom's living room...minus the shag carpeting. 
I saw another rat at the West 4th Street Station. It was too quick for me to get a picture, but I did get a picture of one of the sticker-variety.
Good times, my Q train adventure.

Sabrina at W 4th Street Station

In case you haven't noticed, the West 4th Street station is part of my daily commute. I met Sabrina on the platform on my way home. I noticed the lace on her dress from several feet down the platform. As usual, I caught her just as her train was coming into the station, so I didn't get to know her much beyond her impeccable taste in lacy dresses.

Prints on the Q Train

Get it? Prints? Ha.
I just couldn't resist getting an image of this. Printed pants + printed bags + super bright newsprint = exceptional visual stimuli. I took it creeper style, hence no faces. I think I'll make this a personal rule. No faces without permission. 

Embellished Vest on the Q Train