Olen and Kimberly at W 4th Street Station

I love it when couples dress sort-of alike.

Chi at W 4th Street Station

This is Chi. He had the collar of his blazer turned up and was wearing green loafers. I thoroughly approve of both of these things.


Lawrence and Luciana on Cortelyou Road

I know, I know...this isn't the subway. But Lawrence and Luciana were dressed too well to ignore. This is actually from a couple of weeks back. I was walking to the grocery store when I saw them. They were so lovely.

Christina at W 4th Street Station

This is Christina, whom I met at the W 4th Street Station during my commute home. The full body pictures were blurry (sad day!), but this detail that she let me take of her earrings came out quite lovely. I would also like to point out the embroidery on her top. 


Lucia at W 4th Street Station

This is Lucia. She is from Spain and has actually visited Indianapolis. Both of these things are remarkable because they don't often go together. She also has an infectious smile and superb taste in printed pants.


Heather at Carroll Street Station

I am afraid to say that I have been slacking of late. I started job number two this week and I'm exhausted. Anyway...
I met Heather on the F train home last night. When I first saw her very on trend skirt, I thought that she must be a fashion student, blogger, or Lookbook champion. Turns out that she is a fashion blogger (and a Lucky contributor!). Her blog is Fashionista New York Girl, which I immediately added to my daily growing list of bookmarked blogs (90 and counting). Heather was so friendly and very kindly put up with my trying to take her picture while on a moving train and nearly falling on three different people in the process.
Ah, my first fashion blogger. I feel so official now.


Nicole on the Q Train

I met Nicole on the Q train heading home one day. I liked her navy-olive-watermelon color combination. Just summery enough for the last bits of sunshine and warm weather, but just autumn-y enough for the beginnings of fall. She also happened to have one of the friendliest dispositions of anyone that I've met so far.
Happy October, by the way.