Cat at Prospect Park

In the spirit of casual Friday, I give you casual chic a la Cat, who I met on the Q train. You may recognize her sandals from my Instagram...maybe. I liked her baby pink with gray/oatmeal color scheme and the metallic detail on her sandals (it makes them fancy). 


Thinle Ronge at Times Square Station

I saw Thinle when I was creeping around the Times Square station. She looked so cool in her Levi's shirt, shorts, and boots. I should also mention that she was carrying a really cool backpack that I didn't have the forethought/genius to photograph. That and her hair is everything that mine could have been had that lady at Great Clips not cut off 8 MORE INCHES than she said she would.


Tatiana on the Q Train

Lookit me! Postin' on my lunch break. Anyway...
I met Tatiana on the Q train heading home on Saturday. I noticed her jacket as soon as I stepped into the car and made a bee line for her. It reminds me of the Alexander Wang spring 2013 collection. Very ahead of the times, this one. I also want to point out that Tatiana is wearing the perfect example of the New Yorker's head-to-toe black uniform. I have seen all black worn in so many ways that crosses so many styles. Back home, all black equals goth or emo. Here, women have figured out how to wear it an look relevant and cool.


Chic Layering on the F Train

This lovely lady layered tights under her maxi skirt. The train was too crowded for me to see the rest of her...or to even get a full body picture, had I asked. So, sneaky creeper picture. I must try this when it gets cooler though.


Saturday Q Train Adventure

On Saturday, I went adventuring on the Q train. I like the Q. Most of the stations in Brooklyn are sort of outdoors with plants growing down the sides of the walls. It's kind of nice to see the green. There are also a lot of interesting people on the Q, since it goes to places like Times Square.
This is the Q station at Cortelyou Road. You can't tell in this picture, but the girl in the striped sweater had on a pair of shoes that I was ready to steal right off of her feet.
Anyway, first I stopped at Bryant Park (I went to Times Square last weekend) and meandered around wondering if I would see anyone famous...I didn't. But I did like the park. They have a carousel that made me wish for childhood.
From there I wandered over to Central Park and explored until my feet screamed for mercy. I stopped off at a bench to rest and made friends with a rat that was very curious about my sweet and salty snack bar. I kept trying to get his picture, but he was very wary of me and ran into the underbrush every time I tried to aim my camera (phone). It didn't help either that some ladies scared him off for a good ten minutes.
See him? There in the center. Yeah, me neither. I should also point out my extremely poor judgement in wearing heels for such a grand expedition. 
I ended up walking from the southern corner of the park, by the Central Park Zoo, all the way over to the Museum of Natural History. Now there's a stellar subway station.
This station had some really neat tile work.
There's a bongo player at the edge of the Earth. Ah ha ha.
There were some seriously retro digs on the C train. I like the wood paneling. It reminds me of my mom's living room...minus the shag carpeting. 
I saw another rat at the West 4th Street Station. It was too quick for me to get a picture, but I did get a picture of one of the sticker-variety.
Good times, my Q train adventure.

Sabrina at W 4th Street Station

In case you haven't noticed, the West 4th Street station is part of my daily commute. I met Sabrina on the platform on my way home. I noticed the lace on her dress from several feet down the platform. As usual, I caught her just as her train was coming into the station, so I didn't get to know her much beyond her impeccable taste in lacy dresses.

Prints on the Q Train

Get it? Prints? Ha.
I just couldn't resist getting an image of this. Printed pants + printed bags + super bright newsprint = exceptional visual stimuli. I took it creeper style, hence no faces. I think I'll make this a personal rule. No faces without permission. 

Embellished Vest on the Q Train


Floor Tiles at 81st/Museum of Natural History

These are from my Q train adventure on Saturday. They were such standouts that I thought they deserved a feature of their own. Pop art style. Oh yeah.


Walker and Chris at W 8 St/NY Aquarium

On Sunday I wanted to go to the beech, so I hopped on the F train bound for Coney Island. I spotted these nice fellas on there. They were talking about snow days (yes, I eavesdrop on the train). I followed them off a stop too early to ask for their picture. Dedicated, I know. Anyway, they were going on a date to the aquarium. This is a good idea. I must try it sometime. 

Coney Island/Stillwell Ave Station

I gotta say, I'm a huge fan of these outdoor stations. It makes me feel like I'm travelling in Europe. The breeze doesn't hurt either.


Renee at West 4th Street

I snapped this picture of Renee this morning at the West 4th Street Station. I didn't really get to talk to her, because her train came in just as I pulled out my phone (I run a high-tech operation). She makes me think of how I imagine my niece will look in a few years.
Socks and loafers? Yes, please.

Maya at West 4th Street Station

I met Maya on my way into work this morning. I was drawn in by her head wrap and perfectly worn shoes. (They remind me of my studio boots.) I think I may have interrupted a phone conversation (I'm so sorry!). What can I say? Head wraps, they get me every time.
These poor people. I must seem crazy...that or they're completely sick and tire of bloggers. Ha.


Lonzo, Omiri, and Olivia at Ditmas Ave

I met Lonzo and his adorable kids on the F train home last night. I couldn't help but to notice his son's mohawk. Hands down, little Omiri's mohawk was the best that I've ever seen on anyone: adult or child, male or female. I have nothing but respect for parents that let their children express themselves this way. They were extremely friendly, albeit, the kiddies were a little sleepy, I think.
My greatest thanks to Lonzo for letting me photograph his kids...I know that can be a little iffy.


Tara at Carroll St Station

This is Tara. I saw her on the F Train heading toward Brooklyn and noticed her boots right away. She's very friendly and we quickly agreed that her boots were worn in just the right amount. She was with a guy with some very cool mutton chops (should have gotten his picture too, now that I think about it). They made the ride very enjoyable. We talked about the awesomeness of Brooklyn and they recommended some neighborhoods to visit. Nice people, these New Yorkers. It makes being away from home a lot easier.

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Stephanie on the F Train

I met Stephanie on the F Train to Manhattan this morning. I love her shirt-style denim jacket. I took this sneaky picture and a few stops later I finally got up the courage to ask to take her picture. Turns out, Stephanie is a jewelry designer, and very talented. Lookit me, meeting new people and stuff.

That's a pretty excellent iPad case too.
See Stephanie's work here.

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First Post

Here we go, yet again, with another blog. Maybe I'm just cursed to constantly create blogs that go nowhere and ultimately serve to embarrass me, but hey, it's fun. This one should be a little more successful, or at least I will enjoy it more as I am moving behind the camera where I am exponentially more comfortable.

Subway Chic is the blog celebrating the diverse fashion that we see on the subway. As a very recent transplant to New York City from Indiana (only a week ago!), I never cease to be amazed at the amazing fashion sense of subway riders that seems to have gone untapped by those mighty bloggers above the ground. After all, why brave the crapped spaces and ungodly heat when fashion companies pay for your car services? But I digress. The main reason that I love recording the fashion on the great underground trains is because it is attainable for someone like me with a limited income. The fashionistas, trendsetters, tastemakers, and others that share the car know what it's like to have to choose between something frivolous (but fun) or their next unlimited monthly MTA pass ($104!). These first photos are from the last week, taken covertly (but probably not so much). Here soon, I hope to get the courage to actually ask people if I may take their pictures. We'll see. These are all taken with my iPhone, by the way. It's much easier to be sneaky and pretend not so convincingly that I'm texting that way.


There was an impromptu performance by a couple of amateur singers on the 6 Train at Grand Central Station. They were actually very good and my first very cool subway experience.

A playful moment between mother and child on the F Train. I couldn't help but to notice how beautiful she is in a very natural sort of way. Just the way a mother should look.

Apparently, the weekends hate Brooklyn (or at least my part of it) and anytime I wanted to get to or from Manhattan, I had to take a shuttle between Jay Street and 18 Ave. I did discover a seriously cool mosaic at the Jay Street-Metro Tech station. Kudos NYC subway system people.

iPhones have this incredible way of catching light that digital cameras (or at least my little one) can't seem to do. I liked this view of the last of the evening light on my ride home.
I also immediately noticed this lady and her spectacular straw hat. I like how properly she was sitting, with her ankles crossed and her visor shading her eyes as she read.

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